Letter to the Editor: Welcome to Maine 

To the Editor: 


A letter to Governor Janet Mills: 


     Our 14-day quarantine for out of state home and cottage owners is creating long-term relationship problems among Maine neighbors.  

     Families who may have owned summer homes for generations, and supported our towns with taxes and generous contributions, now are suffering unpleasant encounters once some year-rounders see their out-of-state plates. 

     Several friends have called to share their bad experiences. And I’m now receiving calls almost daily from others asking advice, before deciding whether or not to come at all. 

     A nephew who lives in Colorado, also a mecca for summer visitors, reported yesterday that the area around Frisco now displays prominently, on roads off I-70, signs reading “Welcome! We cover our faces in public places.” 

     That simple message has universal advantages, friendly, but treating all persons equally. Locals are reminded subtly that all share that obligation.  

     Adopting that as our public policy on June 1 would be an incredible stimulus for Maine’s summer economy and earn broad support from all of us cooped up these past dreary months. 


Alan Baker 


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