Letter to the Editor: We owe a debt of gratitude to our educators

To the Editor: 

I loved seeing the Letter to the Editor thanking Hannaford staff on March 27, it’s spot on. Along with all the other amazing businesses and individuals stepping up to take care of the most vulnerable in our communities and helping keep each other safe, I am comforted by our efforts.  

With that in mind, I want to credit Marc Gousse, our superintendent of schools, the principals for the high school and all elementary schools and every teacher and school employee in our district. I cannot believe the incredible dedication and effort these people have devoted to ensuring our children can continue their education, access the food they need, and connect safely with their peers and teachers. The communication coming from Gousse and his team is clear, consistent and informative. Not only do I have an understanding of what is expected for my children, I know the timeline, and most importantly, I know the decision-making process. Gousse has shared how his team makes decisions and who they are consulting with. I have relied on these communications to inform my own decisions as an employer, a board member and a volunteer for island non-profits. In other words, school policy guides how I make decisions for my own organizations because it’s so well-articulated and researched.  

Teachers are often recognized as heroes in our communities, which is understandable, but I hope we can appreciate how much more they have given to us in this unprecedented time of need and uncertainty. Teachers are the most public face of our schools. For the first time I am able to witness the leadership of school technology educators, administrators, kitchen, janitorial and maintenance staff and school boards. When we are on the other side of this unprecedented historic event, I hope we can come together as a community to recognize and celebrate the Herculean efforts by our school district. 

Raney Bench 

Southwest Harbor 

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