Letter to the Editor: We have a choice

To the Editor: 

The pandemic has shifted the ground under our feet, exposing the fault lines of our government — the underlying social conditions which make us exponentially more vulnerable. 

It was inevitable that Donald Trump would make America his 7th bankruptcy. His compulsive lying, willful ignorance and insatiable greed epitomize Republican values which have set government on its head and brought the roof crashing down on ours. 

The GOP perpetrates post factual presentation of events. Rather than embracing truths that unite us, the GOP perpetuates lies which divide us, resulting in a dysfunctional government. 

The Republican politics of faith replaces analysis of facts with assertions of belief. GOP wedge issues are made gospel truth and unregulated capitalism religious creed. They pervert the golden rule and civic responsibility by rebranding adversity as opportunity and bestowing god’s blessing on shredding the social safety net. 

By purposefully shrinking tax revenues to benefit the rich and to defund essential services, Republicans have intentionally hobbled government and guaranteed that major disruption would result in unmitigated human and economic disaster. Stealing America’s wealth has left us to pay the cost of their bungled response. 

The pandemic has shaken a structure whose foundation was already crumbling. We have a choice in November, raise Donald Trump victorious atop the wreckage piled on wreckage wrought by his administration, or unite behind the Democratic nominee, restore our government and reclaim America’s wealth to serve the welfare of her people. Hard work, easy choice. 

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 

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