Letter to the Editor: Vote for something better 

To the Editor: 

I have heard and read far more than I ever thought I would about the leader of our country and what he has said and what he has not done that should have been done. I find his talk really unbelievablehis insults to people who are far more qualified than he is, whatever position they have.  

But with all that aside, the worst and most disturbing things he has said are really his hateful remarks about our service men and women. This is beyond upsetting, ungrateful and unforgivable. I had two grandfathers who fought in WWI, along with thousands of other young men. They were young men willing to die for their country, and many did die.  

I had a father who fought in WWII and was at the Battle of the Bulge, as so many were. He was a young man who left high school to fight for his country, he saw his buddies get killed, he took a bullet also but survived, and he climbed out of a boat through water, barely staying afloat with all his gear on, to reach the beach. When he and all the others got to the beach, that is where they were killing soldiers all around him. Many never made it any farther. He was one of the lucky ones to have made it through all that horror. I had an uncle who fought in the Korean war, another very nasty war, and came home affected by that war and eventually died in Togus Hospital with the scenes in his head of the enemy coming after him.  

For the President of this country to call our brave soldiers, including John McCain, losers is just unthinkable, especially when he found excuses not to serve at all. Anyone who believes this man is the right leader for this country is just not really listening or reading the right material. I have always been proud to be an American, but right now we have no leader to be proud of. It has been proven that he has done so many things that are wrong, and people all around him have been found guilty of doing wrong, most on his orders, and some jailed. This president has been impeached. 

He is now ordering the Post Offices to stop any over time, to take away drop boxes in places, especially where he is not popular, and to take away some mail-sorting machines.  

We the people have a right to vote and freedom of speechthis president does not believe we do, evidently, as he is ruling like a dictator.  

This country must do better and we must all get out and vote for something better.  

Janice Janes 


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