Letter to the Editor: Virtual vacations bring real support  

To the Editor: 

Island Housing Trust sends huge thanks to all who took Virtual Vacations this year to increase permanent workforce housing on MDI. Beginning with a challenge match of $15,000 from our board members, we exceeded our goal of $30,000, raising an additional $27,000 from generous “travelers” across the island for a total of more than $42,000. 

More than 50 people packed their virtual bags to “visit” imagined cabins in the Northwoods, fantasy guest houses in the Swiss Alps, and even a far-out colony on Mars.  

Island Housing Trust is building resilient year-round communities by providing housing opportunities affordable to those earning an average income on Mount Desert Island. These virtual vacation gifts will make a difference. 

Marla S. O’Byrne
IHT Executive Director 

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