Letter to the Editor: Unemployment numbers  

To the Editor: 

Unemployment numbers can be hard to sort out. The evening news normally reports how many people have signed up for unemployment benefits during the past week. That number does not reflect the actual number of unemployed and nonworking people in the U.S. Here is the big picture as of the end of March. 

The U.S. population currently numbers 330,664,000.  

The Civilian Labor Force (CLF) numbers 162,913,000. The military and people aged 15 and younger are not included in the CLF. 

The CLF is divided into two groups, employed (155,772,000) and unemployed (7,141,000).  

The unemployed are people still actively looking for work. 

Then we have people who are “not in the labor force” who number 96,845,000. They are no longer looking for work.  

The unemployment rate is the number of unemployed divided by the civilian labor force times 100. For March, that was 4.4 percent.  

I am not looking forward to the April numbers. Stay strong. 

For more details, go to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics website, bls.gov, and search for the Employment Situation Summary Table A. 


Tom Walker 

Mount Desert 


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