Letter to the Editor: Tourism opportunities in the pandemic 

To the Editor: 

One way to create opportunities for the tourism industry this year might be to develop all-inclusive packages for family units who have been sheltering in place together. A hotel or B&B could provide rooms for a family to come from out of state and quarantine themselves for the entirety of their stay, or at least the first two weeks of it. Further, it could provide delivery of meals and packages of whatever kind to their doors. Further, it could provide a package of recreational activities that might include hikes, crafts, boat rides, outdoor music concerts, old-fashioned “Chautauqua”-style presentations on science or religion or art, et cetera. 

They could package these to include needed social distancing, but by dealing with family units they might, for example, on a tour boat, let a group of three to seven sit with each other, and then separate them with plexiglass panels and an appropriate distance from the next family group. They could also perhaps even provide for backup self-isolating services so that if a member of the family came down with COVID while on the visit, they could be placed immediately in a separate room and self-isolated according to appropriate guidelines. These kinds of services would require some careful research, systematic planning and detailed preparation. But they might yield significant interest and potential profits. 

All-inclusive packages like this could be an extremely attractive option for families who would like to get out of the city or suburbs south of us for a vacation this summer or fall. It might result in them spending longer in Maine than the average three and a half days out-of-state tourists come for. Instead of touring to multiple places where they might get multiple exposures to viruses, they could come to one spot in Maine and settle in for a true taste of the way life should be when you are experiencing quarantine. 


Gray Cox 

Bar Harbor 

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