Letter to the Editor: Time for an educated vote 

To the Editor: 

Please note this letter is about Republican candidates. 

On the Primary ballot (July 14), there are some contested races. In my opinion, every candidate would be good. But here are some things to consider.  

U.S. Representative: Bennett, Brakey and Crafts. Although all are excellent, there are differences that separate them.  

Maine Senate districts 7 (Langley and Linnehanand 8 (Lockman and Rosen). Where do you stand on abortion? Do you think the Governor has done an excellent job keeping us safe or would you rather support a person who has fought to open the state? There are stark differences in the candidates. 

Register of Probate. Why should that matter to you? There are two women who sincerely care and want to do this job. Again, they are different. Jordan and Wilbur. 

Check out Facebook pages, campaign web sites and any other information you can find. Don’t just vote for the first name on the ballot or the familiar name, unless that person stands for what you believe in. All these candidates have worked hard for your vote. Take the time for an educated vote on your part. 

Sandra Blanchette 

Hancock County Republican Chairman 


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