Letter to the Editor: This is the time 

To the Editor: 

As a nurse-midwife working to improve health care for women, I’ve spent time on Capitol Hill informing legislators about midwifery practice and health risks for Maine women: access to care, closing rural maternity services, etc. I learned that educating our legislators is challenging but critical. We need a senator from Maine who is informed about issues and connected to their constituents if we want to make progress dealing with issues affecting our citizens. It is clear that Susan Collins is not working for us and we need to elect someone with qualities needed to make an effective change. This is the time.  

I was sitting with Betsy Sweet at the Common Ground Fair when she turned to me and asked, “Since you work in health care, what is your view on immunization?” I thought, “Wow. We have a candidate educating herself about important issues while continually connecting with the public. This is who we need in the Senate.” She has a history of advocating for women. She wrote Maine’s Clean Election Law. She understands the system and is willing to listen and act. I’ve seen her unafraid to enter a room filled with those who disagree with her, listen to their stories, learn from them, then do the hard work of advocating. She is everything a leader should be. Betsy Sweet is who we need for senator of our state. She is smart. Her platform is progressive and, though I am more moderate, I am confident of our shared values. She has the experience, stamina and guts needed to actually make the changes we need right now. Go to her website and learn about her. I support her with everything I’ve got. 

Linda Robinson, CNM 

Bar Harbor 


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