Letter to the Editor: They’ll govern how they run 

To the Editor:
So you got your ballot in the mail, now what? The best electorate is an
informed electorate. With the internet, it’s now relatively easy to find
information about all of the candidates and not only read their official
planks, but also learn about what they have already accomplished and to
see and hear them in action through online videos and on social media.
How they run is how they’ll govern. Are they accessible to voters and
willing to address tough issues head on? With ranked choice voting, it’s
more important than ever to spend some time determining the order to
rank your choices.
In the primary election ending July 14, one of the most important
decisions for Maine Democrats will be who we nominate to challenge U.S.
Sen. Susan Collins. Democratic leadership in Washington has put their
thumb on the scale in favor of one candidate. But is that really in the
best interests of Mainers, or just the DNC?
Current events make it crystal clear that we need major systemic changes
in how government represents the citizens. Keeping the status quo is not
the answer. Talking about problems is easy while implementing effective
solutions takes hard work. Mainers should decide for themselves which
candidate they think will best represent us in Washington. Use every
tool at your disposal to understand what each would actually do to
accomplish the change that we need and give your support accordingly.

Peter Homer
Southwest Harbor 

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