Letter to the Editor: The new face of war

To the Editor: 

Americans often speculate about if and when World War III will ever happen. I have some bad news for everyone. World War III has already begun. It started in January with the coronavirus pandemic, which caught America completely by surprise. This virus has enough unique deadly features to make it obvious the Wuhan virus laboratory created coronavirus as a bioweapon. Ironically, this invisible weapon first tuned on its creator, China. Coronavirus has no loyalty to anyone. Its only mission is to kill as many people as possible, a task it is doing very effectively. This is the new face of war, in which the only civilians are small children. Everyone else is a soldier in a war that threatens to destroy America. 

Our only chance to defeat this invisible enemy lies in unleashing our own secret weapon, America’s genius for individual initiative (mask making, anyone?). We must unite as never before to help each other, share our food and supplies, find a cure for coronavirus and make sure we are prepared for any new viruses headed our way by staying healthy and alert. 

We are in the battle of our lives. Let’s get to work! 

Pete Earl 


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