Letter to the Editor: The Democrats need teamwork now

To the Editor:

Sure, sure, all of the candidates say it: “I’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is,” adding “but I sure hope it’s me.”

Look, it doesn’t matter if a former candidate supports the nominee. If the supporters of that candidate stay home on election day because they can’t bring themselves to vote for someone who was so disrespectful of the person they endorsed, guess what happens? Trump wins. Get it?

Every person in this country who recognizes the unfolding peril that the current President poses to our system of governing, our rule of law, our accord with truth, our Constitution, our freedom, wears the same uniform. The slogan on the jersey may be different, but we are all on the same team — and this is no game. The Democratic candidates and their supporters must embrace teamwork immediately. We cannot afford to lose a single voter to disengagement. And while Mr. Trump recognizes his supporters as essential to his ego and his authoritarian reign, we must recognize his supporters as essential to our country. We must listen to their voices and hear their needs.

Great teams have a sense of purpose and are willing to sacrifice for that purpose. Great teams bring out the best in their teammates, and work together as a single, integrated unit. Great teams respect integrity in their opponents. And great teams win — with poise and grace.

We have one choice, the choice to choose: a team to win, or deem to lose.

We all now know what that means.

Richard Baldarelli

Bar Harbor

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