Letter to the Editor: Thanks needed, not tirades 

To the Editor: 

I read Tom St. Germain’s Viewpoint in the June 18 Islander and I was appalled by his need to attack a person who has worked extremely hard to contribute to our community just because she happens to disagree with him and has not been too intimidated to voice her opinions and work openly for what she believes is right and for the benefit for our community. 


I worked with Donna Karlson on the Warrant Committee and its General Government Subcommittee for over 10 years. During that time, she consistently did extraordinary research, expressed herself simply and clearly, and attended uncountable Town Council, Cruise Ship Committee, and yes, Planning Board meetings, where she was always courteous, respectful and thoughtful enough to contribute ideas intended to benefit the process. We need more citizens like Donna who work for our community and share what they have learned for its benefit.  


Rather than a malicious diatribe, Donna Karlson has earned our sincere thanks and a wish that she continues her efforts and that others will use her as a role model.  


Jake Jagel 

Town Hill 



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