Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Hannaford

To the Editor: 

I want to thank Hannaford for all you are doing for our community. I see you and your employees on the same plane of gratitude we owe the first responders and heath care workers. You are truly on the front lines of this pandemic. Your employees cannot social distance as you serve hundreds of people a day providing essential goods. 

I am disappointed to see some criticism of you on social media outletsI understand the need to curtail hours and ToGo services so you can restock shelves. I also understand that the lack of some products is a demand problem and not a supply problem. The fear is real but customers who panic purchase or hoard larger quantities than they need are an issue. We are all in this together and I for one appreciate all you are doing to keep us healthy. 

Craig Roebuck 

Mount Desert 


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