Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Governor Mills 

To the Editor: 

Governor Mills’ leadership has kept Maine’s coronavirus infection and death rates among the lowest in the nation. 

All the while, she is balancing the needs of the poor and unemployed, our educational system and students and the long-term security of our financial and business systems. She’s also keeping our law enforcement, parks and fishing industries viable, the administration of our state functioning, as well as making sure her personal family and loved ones are safe, too. To do all this, she understands that Maine needs to preserve as much of our revenue stream as possible, just like those of us who run businesses. She’ll open as soon as we safely can! 

Many business owners are frightened, and it’s causing a few to strike out at her for things she cannot control. And even then, her role model to entrepreneurs, as well as our young future leaders, is one of steady, competent, planned, methodical, courageous perseverance, and she’s totally focused on all of her duties as she multitasks with humor, candor, grace and honesty. 

I am honored and thankful that Janet Mills is my Governor. She has trained herself her whole life for this challenge, and right now she is Maine’s rock! 


Bob Jean 



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