Letter to the Editor: Support for Grohoski

To the Editor:

I am supporting Nicole Grohoski as the Democratic candidate for representative serving Ellsworth and Trenton.

Nicole was one of my students for six years in the Ellsworth School System, She is still that intelligent, hard worker who embraces any challenge with a positive attitude.

As a member of an Odyssey of the Mind team that went to the Worlds competition multiple times, she used her critical thinking and creativity to come up with viable solutions to complex problems. As a member of my middle school cross county team, she ran with joy, determination, and good sportsmanship. She will continue to use these skills in public service.

Important traits for a Representative to have are: an eagerness to study and learn, an ability to listen, a pleasant manner, and a strong moral compass. Nicole embodies all these traits.

In addition, Nicole is closely connected to nature and will stand up for the environment. She is committed to the democratic process and will respect the wishes of the voters on referendum questions. Happily, she is now a Clean Elections candidate, too.

My vote is for Nicole Grohoski, candidate for representative of Ellsworth and Trenton. She will serve her constituents well.

Nancy Patterson


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