Letter to the Editor: Successes amid pandemic 

To the Editor: 

On July 14, Tremont had a Town Meeting and election unlike any in our history. Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t convene a typical Town Meeting since we’d have too many people in too small a space. Therefore, we decided to put all warrant articles to voters on a secret ballot. That way, voters would decide on the town and school budgets at the same time they were voting on candidates for office.  

In the days before the election, we at the Town Office were very worried: how were we going to count all those ballots in any kind of reasonable time? If we had just our usual ballot counters, that process would have taken more than 16 hours! Fortunately, a veritable army of ballot counters volunteered this year unlike any other. With a dozen counters carefully checking stacks of 25 ballots, we were able to finish counting just before midnight. While it was a long night, it could have been much worse.  

Tremont is full of residents with a strong sense of civic duty, and these volunteers are living proof of that spirit. And as impressed as I am by their efforts, I hope we never have to do this again. I can’t wait to have a traditional Town Meeting in 2021. 

Christopher Saunders 

Tremont Town Manager 

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