Letter to the Editor: Staking our futures 

To the Editor: 


Both the legacy and the future of Mount Desert Island and the surrounding islands and communities of Deer Isle-Stonington, the Cranberries, Frenchboro, Swan’s Island, Vinalhaven and Marshall Island Township are found in no small part in the sea. For generations, this has been our path to prosperity. Mariners have staked their futures here, and their families ashore, from the merchant coasting schooners to the lobster boats, herring seiners cod fishermen hand-lining for the ocean’s bounty, all in compliment to the growing commerce ashore in the farms, quarries and factories that helped build a prosperous America. 


When I was young, and my brother sailed his own lobster boat, the F/V Poor Pitiful Pearl out of Bar Harbor, the young people of the area could look forward to a bright future of their own on the ocean, or in their own business.  


State RepGenevieve McDonald (D-Stonington) understands the strength of this historic fabric of our coastal communities, raising her own family and plying the sea in her fishing boat F/V Hello Darlings II. A star member of the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources, she has worked tirelessly during the troubled time of the pandemic to provide answers and resources to families displaced economically and distressed immediately due to the sudden closure of the world economy. Hers is a distinct, rational and powerful voice for the region. 


In my own time in the legislature, I learned that everyone elected there truly cares about making a difference; but a few truly stand out in their advocacy for a better future, and not settling for whatever the currents of history wash our way. Rep. Genevieve McDonald is a fighter in that greatest sense, and deserves re-election to represent House District 134 in the Maine House of Representatives. 


Matt Dunlap 

Old Town 


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