Letter to the Editor: Something nice

To the Editor: 

These days are so worrisome that I wanted to share something nice, and hearteningly normal, about our community. 

Saturday was a beautiful day with intimations of spring. Walking down our quiet side road, I saw two strange things. An out of state car and, a few feet ahead, a large plastic bag straining with its load of cans and bottles. 

As I stood perplexed, another vehicle approached and stopped. Here were neighbors from elsewhere on the island, who come to stroll with their little dogs. Harbingers of spring themselves. They had spent the morning gathering up trash others had tossed on their less considered passings through. And they knew the car was that of visitors who could not resist stopping for a stroll themselves. 

So we nodded to giving elbow bumps and went our ways. Thankful for each other’s company, our community, and amidst the chaos, a beautiful island day. 

Cheers. Keep safe and keep strong. 

Annlinn Kruger 

Bar Harbor 

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