Letter to the Editor: Slow down on the ferry

To the Editor:

What makes a town? It’s the people who live here. And the people who live in this beautiful town want to hear and be heard! They want to hear the pros and cons, to voice their concerns, and to be really listened to.

Town Council Members, about this ferry terminal business, slow down.

Some members of the Town Council seem to want to quickly sign a contract with Bay Ferries, who own the large catamaran.

Please have a special meeting of all the people of Bar Harbor who are interested in hearing and having their voices heard.

Everyone, please email or call all of our town councilors to request that they wait before signing any contract. (Their names, street addresses, and email addresses are on the Town of Bar Harbor website (http://www.barharbormaine.gov.) Please contact them!

What’s the rush?!


Jane Moran Porter

Bar Harbor


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