Letter to the Editor: Shine the spotlight 

To the Editor: 

Here on MDI, the craven, complicit and criminal will always be with us. At least in the summer. In this spirit, I oppose COA’s disinviting the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo from appearing at its conference.
Mr. Leo has been instrumental in corrupting the American judiciary, not the least by obstructing the orderly transfer of power to the federal bench. He may not be wearing a red hat, brown shirt or white hood, but he has given disproportionate power to those who do.
One murder hornet can decimate an entire hive. Some bees have evolved to save their community by surrounding the hornet and cooking it with their collective body heat.
COA should have put Mr. Leo in the spotlight and let us grill him. It is only by uniting to push back against authoritarianism that we can make the current Republican regime toast.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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