Letter to the Editor: Service and sacrifice

To The Editor:

Veterans Day is soon to be upon us. This should be a time for every American citizen to reflect on how lucky we are to have the freedoms we have. We have those freedoms because of our soldiers who are and have served our country defending the rights granted to us under the Constitution: The very document which allows us to freely express our opinion, and protect our privacy from government intrusion, the very document that shapes our way of life.

We should be thanking our veterans and their families for the sacrifice they made and their willingness to defend those rights. The schools should be teaching our kids about the history of our soldiers and the willingness of them to serve in conflict after conflict, war after war, to defend the rights granted under the Constitution and the values it set forth, and not worry about how it may offend or upset someone. It is our history, a soldier’s history. History that should be passed on from one generation to another, and taught in our schools, in honor of the soldiers that served and are serving.

The soldier and his family have given a piece of their lives to serve this great nation of ours and protect the rights and freedoms granted to us under the Constitution of the United States. Thank a veteran for their service, they certainly deserve it. And then thank the wife or husband and children as well because they are there supporting the veteran while they served, and well after their service.

I want to take this moment to thank all my friends who are veterans, and who are currently serving, for their sacrifices and their support of my family. You are an elite group who all will always be held in the highest regard for your selfless service to this great nation.

Sean Hall

Bar Harbor



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