Letter to the Editor: Safety is a responsibility

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing Corrie Hunkler’s heartfelt rumination on her personal conflict over ‘getting on board with this mask wearing thing.’ She speaks honestly about her feelings, and most touchingly about her fear of acknowledging the unpleasantness of this new era. Thank you, it was brave to speak freely.
As a mask wearer, may I share my thoughts? Perhaps for me, safety has never been a given. It has always been a responsibility. To myself and others. I am not afraid, much, but I try to be reasonable. In the woods, I carry first aid supplies and use tick spray. I lug heavy water bottles on long hikes and, where necessary, a cumbersome can of bear spray. It doesn’t do much for the aesthetics of the experience, but it saves me and others from having to deal with possibly nasty consequences.
May I suggest that the emotional challenges of wearing a mask these days are secondary to the practical considerations? Try not to freight it with too much feeling. It is a new era that calls for new forms of bravery and new appreciations of freedom. And we face it, together. Even when it means covering our faces. It is Edenic here. We can help keep it that way by stopping the spread. Masks do that.

Annlinn Kruger
Bar Harbor 

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