Letter to the Editor: Road conditions

In 70 years of driving in Maine winters, I have driven in far worse storms than the one on Feb. 15. But, I have never seen the roads so ignored.

I left Portland in rain. By Freeport there was snow mixing in with windrow buildups. All snow beyond Augusta. There were two sets of ruts defined by 6-plus-inch windrows on each side and one up the center. These were dangerous to cross or hit. I saw only a half dozen plows, principally around Augusta!

Except for a jackknifed semi, I saw no accidents. People were driving in their comfort zone, each according to his vehicular capabilities and his driving skill. At 50-55 mph you were passed by a quarter of the vehicles. As usual, the 45 mph signs are just a political palliative and totally irrelevant.

They should read: “Under inclement conditions speeds vary widely. Please use care when overtaking or being overtaken. Be courteous, Thank you, MDOT.”

During a long stop in Bangor, it shifted from snow to a driving sleet-rain mix. 1-A had not been plowed. It was one hour to Ellsworth with a solid single file in each direction carefully crawling along at 30 mph.

This storm was well forecast and on forecast. Where was MDOT?

Carl Brooks

Great Cranberry Island

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