Letter to the Editor: Reopening must be done carefully 

To the Editor: 

This has been a stressful and exhausting pandemic situation, and of course we all want to get back to normal. Social-distancing mandates in these situations are not new. They were done in Early America during deadly yellow fever outbreaks. They were done during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. We will get through this. It has been bad enough, but the severity of it has been reduced because of the social-distancing and stay-at-home guidelines. They work. And we have so much more to learn about this novel virus, how it operates, and what we need to do going forward. How does it mutate? What are the chances of new outbreaks and multiple waves? When will definitive treatments and vaccines be available? When will sufficient testing be in place? Nurses, doctors, other healthcare professionals and researchers are working long, tedious hours on the front lines fighting this pandemic. Around the country, some healthcare workers have even died from the virus. We must therefore stay level-headed, remain patient and listen to the doctors and scientists. Any reopening must be done in a careful, controlled way in phases over time so that we do not have a resurgence of this deadly COVID-19 disease. Lives are at stake. Human life is precious and more important than anything else. 


Ron Bilancia 



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