Letter to the Editor: Regarding Senator Collins

To the Editor:

When Barack Obama was first elected in 2008, by a substantial majority of both the popular and Electoral College votes, Mitch McConnell stood on camera and declared that the top priority of the Senate would be to limit Mr. Obama to one term. At that time, Senator Collins could have stated, for the record, that the actual priority of the Senate was to do the people’s business. She chose not to. When Senator McConnell decided to not even entertain the selection of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, she could have raised a concern. Again, she chose not to. When President Trump attacked John McCain, a true American hero and patriot, she could have politely disagreed with the President. She, again, chose not to. When the tax bill was being debated, a tax bill that has exploded the Federal deficit, she could have taken a position that it was not a fiscally prudent move as future generations would be stuck with the bill. She, again, chose not to. When the Kavanaugh hearings were underway, she could have actually looked at the demeanor of the prospective Supreme Court nominee and decided to support the testimony of Christine Ford and not to demean Ford’s character. She, again, chose not to. When the House of Representatives submitted almost 300 bills in 2019 and the Senate ignored most of them, she could have supported moving some of those along the legislative process. But, again, she chose not to. And finally, when the impeachment trial of President Trump was presented to the Senate, she could have expressed, at least, some small modicum of support for the Constitution and taken a strident stand for the inclusion of witnesses. Sadly, again, she chose not to. When Margaret Chase Smith made her, now famous, Declaration of Conscious, it was a stand for right versus wrong. History has treated her kindly. She lived up to the Maine state motto — Dirigo — “I Lead.” In stark contrast to that is Senator Collins’ continuing silence. Senator Collins is no Margaret Chase Smith. She is not even the Susan Collins I once voted for. By all appearances, she is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitch McConnell enterprises. So, this November, when I have to check the box on the ballot that would give her another term in the United States Senate, I will, as she has so often done, choose not to.

Bryan Stevens

Mount Desert


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