Letter to the Editor: Re-ban the plastic bag 

To the Editor: 

Our young people worked hard to ban plastic bags, we supported them and our legislative bodies banned the bags. Because of the pandemic and issues of sanitation, plastic bags are back in use.  

We can still do our part by refusing plastic bags at the checkout counter and bagging our groceries in reusable bags at the car. 

The pandemic has taken the focus off climate change, but the pandemic is very much a part of it. Warmer temperatures, changes in rainfall patterns and lack of respect for nature have been causing frogs, bats and bees to sicken and die. Now it is our turn.  

Refusing plastic bags and plastic eating utensils can put a small dent in the desire of the oil companies to explore, drill, refine and manufacture to satisfy our unrestricted needs. 

Laureen Donnelly 

Town Hill 

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