Letter to the Editor: Putting things in perspective

Dear Editor: 

The average daily death rate in the United States from all causes is 7,879. Heart problems, including heart disease, leads the way with 1,772 per day every day or 647,000 deaths per year. Presently, on April 13, Covid-19 is claiming 2,000 lives per day, and the increase in cases appears to be leveling off in many areas due to physical distancing. We have slowed it down with incredible effort. The trouble is if we become cocky and underestimate the hidden contagiousness of the asymptomatic spread, we will be doomed to expose millions of people with terrible results and jump into a second wave if we return to normal business transactions. Physical distancing will corral this thing. But it looks like a continuous battle of snuffing out virus blooms could go on forever if we don’t come up with a good vaccine like the Polio virus vaccine. One that is good for life.
If we were to follow President Trump’s unscientific response and let the chips fall where they may, the numbers of deaths would, with exponential speed, wipe out millions of Americans. A cure may be right around the corner. Patience is the word. 
Also, an “economic vaccine” called an antibody test will be available any day. This shows great promise of creating a safe immune workforce, especially for the essential services. It makes no sense at all to force the economy right now. We need to create a certified immune workforce that either has an inspection sticker stuck to their forehead or has an official certificate, or better, a recognizable badge to pin to their vest, so people know they are safe to approach. Safe to hire.

Jim O’Connell 

Bar Harbor 

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