Letter to the Editor: Planners’ mistakes confuse voters 

To the Editor: 

Although I have served on the Planning Board, I still found it difficult to understand some of the zoning articles on the July 14 ballot. I was grateful that Ms. Karlson sent out the flyer to give a synopsis of what we are voting on.  

I read Mr. St. Germain’s “Viewpoint” in the newspaper and noticed errors he had made. He has made mistakes on several occasions, including at the public hearing on January 8.  

He is under the mistaken impression that all of Town Hill Residential district permits seven kinds of Transient Accommodations. It does not. 
Section 125-35 of our Land Use Ordinance clearly says that transient accommodations TA-2 through TA-7 are permitted “Only from the north side of Route 3 shoreward for 500 feet from the Trenton Town line to Jones Marsh Resource Protection District.“ This extremely small area contains just one motel, two homes and an empty lot. Employee Living Quarters with no limit on the number of “on- or off-site” employees should not be added to all of Town Hill Residential district or to any residential district.
Our Town Planner made that same mistake when she tried to sway the Warrant Committee on Article 4 at the May 11 meeting. Some Warrant Committee members also seemed to be confused by this. I agree with Ms. Karlson’s flyer explaining why we should vote “no” on Articles 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

I am very disturbed by the way Mr. St. Germain treated Ms. Karlson. She is correct in what she has done in trying to inform Bar Harbor residents. I believe that Mr. St. Germain owes Ms. Karlson an apology. In my opinion, his remarks about her border on slander.

Barbara Fenderson 

Bar Harbor

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