Letter to the Editor: Phenomenal efforts 

To the Editor: 

In the early morning hours of June 22my family and I had the privilege of experiencing our local police department and EMS staff in action at the time of a crisis.  

After waking to find my husband unresponsive in the bed beside me, I immediately called 911. The events that occurred after that call are the ones that we often hear about, see on the screen and perhaps rehearse in our own minds. Without going into detail, I will say that my husband did not survivehowever, the efforts by our EMS team were phenomenal. A police officer went to Town Hill to our son’s home to wake him and then provided a safe escort for him into town. While all this was going onone of the police officers never left my side. At my request, he had called our daughter in Colorado and she was with us on the phone. He provided us support with his quiet, calming presence. The combination of professionalism, kindness and caring filled our home that dark morning. I feel that I cannot adequately put into words how much Peter, Eliza and I appreciate the compassion shown to us. 

During these times when our police departments and others are facing some harsh criticism, it is especially important to point out the wonderful work performed by these unsung heroes in our communities.  

Ann Worrick 

Bar Harbor 


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