Letter to the editor: Parking

To the Editor: 

For some time now I have been waiting to see discussion and results of the town’s first ever paid parking adventure. There has been surprisingly little information shared with the public since the season ended. I don’t believe this is intentional but is more likely an oversight. After searching on the town website, I finally found a report presented to the Parking Solutions task force in November that summarized the season, revenues, issues, impacts, etc. It would really be beneficial to the people of this town for there to be an open meeting where some of the highlights of the report are presented, and where input is solicited. In particular, I think the Task Force and Council should schedule a meeting where all of the different stakeholders could come together. Stakeholders would include: residents who live in-town, residents who live out of the downtown area, business owners; lodging owners; people who work in town, etc. Each of these groups has valuable input to offer as to how the paid and permit parking season impacted them. There may be adjustments/fixes that need to be made to the parking program to make it work better for key constituents. The consultant’s report focused on the technical and operations side of the program. What also needs to be considered are the human impacts for those of us who live and work here. 

Sharon Knopp 

Bar Harbor 

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