Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Janet Mills

Dear Attorney General Mills,

We the members of the Indivisible MDI Steering Committee would like to support your gubernatorial campaign, but remain unconvinced that you will develop respectful and fair relations with the Wabanaki nations of Maine. The statements on your campaign website under the heading “Working with Maine’s Indigenous People” are promising. “As Governor, I will meet regularly with the Tribal Chiefs and Tribal Councils.” Why wait? Start right now. The tribal representatives with whom we have spoken remain wary of your intentions. Show us that you are at work repairing the relationship that was so badly damaged by the legal fight over water rights to the Penobscot River. Meet with tribal leaders, discuss the place they will have in your administration, prove that you can move forward as a leader for all of Maine, and give us the confidence to throw our support behind you and recommend to our members that they work actively to advance your campaign.


Jennifer Booher

Anna Durand

Amy Madden Roebuck

Bo Greene

Gail Leiser

Jayne Ashworth

Jill Weber

Linda Homer

Heather Peterson



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