Letter to the Editor: Oil spill thanks

To the Editor:

I want to publicly thank the agencies and manpower who assisted with the clean up at Seal Harbor Parking Lot on Tuesday morning, July 24.

The gasoline tank of my F250 sustained damage when its straps broke.

I am very grateful to all of the following.

Rob Alison, the Seal Harbor public works gentleman was of immediate assistance to contain the spill. The 911 dispatcher was able to interpret my words on a very poor cell signal. Officer Kenneth Mitchell of the Mount Desert Police Department responded within minutes.

The Mount Desert Fire Department, under the direction of Chief Michael Bender, brought appropriate absorbent material for the leakage.

Park ranger Bob Rechholtz evaluated the initial level of concern for the surrounding vicinity. State Department of Environmental Protection officer Darian Higgins added additional effective absorbent material and provided a more detailed evaluation of the nature and extent of the concern.

I also want to thank Island Automotive for their patient and professional way of handling and repairing my disabled vehicle. These agencies consist of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and altruistic professionals that look out for the interests of their township’s needs.

As a former science teacher and an environmental supporter, this was a heartbreaking event that was thankfully mitigated by the preparedness of these men. Truly, thank you.

Jim Reeverts

Churchville, N.Y. and


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