Letter to the Editor: Nothing but praise and appreciation 

To the Editor: 

On Saturday, June 6, one of our buildings at the Hinckley Yachts Southwest Harbor boatyard was struck by lightning. For more than 92 years, our company has been a proud member of the MDI community, and I cannot imagine any worstpossible disaster scenario than an uncontrolled fire spreading through our yacht yard. Fortunately, however, island first responders were on scene within five minutes and fire in the threestory building was quickly contained with no serious injuries.   

It’s a fantastic example of how cooperation and professionalism delivered the best possible outcome and averted disaster. Firefighting crews from Southwest Harbor, Tremont, Mount Desert and Bar Harbor all responded on scene to the 2-alarm event, along with a rapid response team from the Ellsworth Fire Department. Additionally, Trenton and Northeast Harbor ambulances were also staged at the Somesville Fire Department to help ensure coverage for the island in the case of any other alarm elsewhere, and the Lemoine and Ellsworth fire departments were also standing by to provide additional coverage. 

In our moment of emergency and need for urgency, we’re proud to say that our first responders provided the finest kind of community service that anyone could possibly expect. As such, we are incredibly thankful to everyone involved. 

Geoffrey Berger 

CEO, The Hinckley Company 

Portsmouth, RI 


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