Letter to the Editor: No on Question 1

To the Editor:

Question 1 is the wrong solution to address the needs of Maine people who need home care.

First, proponents of Question 1 have written their initiative so that even millionaires and out-of-staters can qualify for home care from the quasi-government program Question 1 would enact. This will create waiting lists for care for seniors and disabled Mainers who genuinely need this kind of care and cannot afford it. It is one of the reasons the Home Care & Hospice Alliance of Maine opposes Question 1.

Second, the privacy of Maine elders and the disabled would be compromised by Question 1 because the bill requires that the private health and contact information of all participants in the new program be shared with an unlimited number of groups.

Funding for Question 1 would come from imposing a new 3.8% tax on tens of thousands of Maine families and businesses who cannot afford it.

The bill also would require all caregivers, even a family member like a son or daughter taking care of a parent, to be a dues-paying member of the Maine state employees union, even if they do not wish to be.

Question 1 may sound good on the surface, but this bill is not what it appears to be. Do not be fooled by the false and misleading information Question 1 proponents are spreading. Vote NO on Question 1 on Nov. 6.

Erica Brooks

Bar Harbor

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