Letter to the Editor: New voters seeking guidance, not vitriol 

To the Editor: 

While we’ve had a house down here for years, we are new voters in Bar Harborhaving moved our address from Bangor. We received our ballots and have been attempting to decide how to vote on the housing policy articles. We also got the mailer from Donna Karlson and found it provocative, but clear and reasonable and we wanted to know the other side. Since we wished to know more, we turned to the op-ed by Tom St. Germain, chairman of the Bar Harbor Planning Board. We expected a dispassionate and objective discussion of why we should vote yes on the articles. We got anything but. 

After several paragraphs of eye-glazing and incomprehensible prose, St. Germain’s essay turned into an angry and highlypersonal attack on Ms. Karlson and her husband, Art Greif. Now, I’ve had some brief dealings with Art in the past in Bangor and I read his letters to the Islander. I find him opinionated and aggressive, but always intelligent and worth listening to. I would’ve expected a thoughtful (and comprehensible) rebuttal from an elected town official. That he would respond like some partisan politicians running for high office was a surprise. 

If Mr. St. Germain’s purpose was to convince people like us to vote with him on these articles, he failed miserably. It is now our intention to vote the opposite.  

Robert Gallon 

Bar Harbor 


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