Letter to the Editor: “mell of a hess”

If we make it through December” – Merle Haggard  

To the Editor: 

Yes, Chicken Little, the sky IS falling! And what a “mell of a hess” we are in. 

With unemployment at its highest since the Depression, hunger, a complete disregard of the Constitution and a host of other things while we all ride on a rudderless ship, with more interest in the economy than public health safety.  

Now, on the virus front, there is hope with easy precautions. Pay attention to the real news and our western border. For instance, Georgia had a 40 percent increase in virus cases within two weeks of opening. Expect more of the same as the rest of the country opens. 

Listen to the experts, not the made-for-TV rhetoric. Wash your hands, keep six feet of distance from everyone, try to stay home, and above all, do not let your heart hold your brain hostage – do the right thing! We all have a moral obligation protect everyone from ourselves by wearing a mask. 

Now, looking forward to our 34th year at Cromwell Harbor Motel, the “hands on” 

Hanscom family decided, after examining the facts, to forgo the month of May long before the Governor’s ruling. We have since given up on June and we will watch week by week for the rest of the season. We are not very optimistic. All the advance reservations for May and June have been canceled and refunded in full. 

We will urge state and local officials to save our “jewel of an island and state” from further sickness and continue “lock down” because it’s the only tool we commoners have that works and it’s proven that it does. 

Sure, it’s going to sting, but if you really study the facts, you’ll see that the pie we all compete for will be woefully smaller and our slices will be paper thin. One of my daughters’ friends commented, “why should we bother?” My son says this is the great race to the bottom. Both comments make sense to me. 

Aroostook, Washington and Hancock counties have less than 16 total virus cases to date, and that’s only what is confirmed, so why risk it? Do you think that state of Maine residents can single handedly fund MDI’s economy? Keep dreaming. And asking out-of-staters to hunker down for two weeks in Maine, in a private residence, before spending a week here? Keep dreaming. You want to risk OUR health for the peanuts we might be able to bring in? To that I’ll say, thanks a heap. Anybody we invite to our island will be coming from an infected area with the potential of infecting us. 

We’re in this together. Stay safe, healthy and smart. 


John Hanscom  

Cromwell Harbor Motel  

Bar Harbor 

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