Letter to the Editor: Let’s do what’s right 

To the Editor: 

We are in the midst of the Holocene extinction, or sixth great extinction. Although there have been five previous mass extinctions, this one is different as it has human activity as the primary cause.  

Currently, a million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction. Our planet is facing an extreme biodiversity crisis that will threaten our own very survival on this planet. Although you may feel helpless with the enormity of this factthere are always actions we could, and should, take that would reduce the risk and save species from extinction.  

With actions from people, we have had successes in saving species from extinction before and we can do so again. One such species facing extinction is the North American right whale that swims off New England and is one of the most endangered species of marine mammals, numbering at only 400. Their summer territory is in the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy. The most serious threats to their survival are collisions with ships off the East Coast and entanglements from fishing gear. To make their survival even more precarious, the Trump administration has given the green light to allow commercial fishing in a previously closed area off Cape Cod, which is located along the migratory path of the right whale.  

If you knew you could help to save this species from extinction, would you join me to do it? If so, you can urge our Maine senators to cosponsor the bipartisan bill S.2453SAVE Right Whales Act, and help save the North American right whale from being added to the list of extinct species. 

Starr C. Gilmartin 



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