Letter to the Editor: Let’s all agree on a few things 

To the Editor: 

As we maneuver through these unchartered times and unfamiliar territory, the one thing that remains clear to all merchants and businesses who are open and catering to the public: it is so important that we make our patrons feel safe and comfortable when entering our stores, offices or galleries, whether we’re battling with the COVID19 virus or simply open for business under normal circumstances.  

During this pandemic, the Gallery at Somes Sound insists all who enter wear masks and use hand sanitizer. This is for the safety and wellbeing of our clients and also for the safety and protection of our business and its employees. 

There are some guidelines that are put in place by Governor Mills and her advisory committee that I do not support. But there are things we can all agree on. Wearing masks, maintaining the six feet of physical distance and using hand sanitizers are musts.  

A BIG thank you to all the patrons who are cooperating with all the merchants on MDI, following these recommended steps to protect yourself, the store you are shopping in and their employees.  

Tyra Hanson, director 

The Gallery at Somes Sound 


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