Letter to the Editor: Lessons learned

To the Editor:

Donald Trump ordered Roger Stone, a man with a long, notoriously dirty political-operative history, to work with Wikileaks in the release of Hillary Clinton campaign emails stolen by Russian government operatives.

Roger Stone lied to Congress about that.

Donald Trump lied to Robert Mueller’s team about it.

Roger Stone protected Donald Trump by choosing the potential of a prison sentence rather than exposing Trump’s lies.

He was convicted by a jury of seven counts of lying under oath and obstruction of justice. During the trial he was repeatedly reprimanded by the judge for behavior that included posting an image of the judge with crosshairs superimposed over her head.

In an act of brazen corruption, Donald Trump, the man who regularly shouts, “Law and order!” has repaid Stone’s loyalty by commuting his prison sentence.

He did this the same week that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a decorated soldier, was forced out of his Army career by Trump’s open campaign of harassment because Lt. Col. Vindman answered a Congressional subpoena and told the truth. He was not the first witness and valuable public servant to have their career destroyed by Trump’s crude retaliatory actions.

Six months ago, Susan Collins voted to acquit Donald Trump after presentation of overwhelming evidence of his use of U.S. taxpayer money and the prestige and power of the United States to try to coerce another foreign government to interfere in our elections to assist his re-election efforts.

In a statement of either incompetent naïveté or cynical calculus, Susan Collins said she thought Donald Trump had learned his lesson as a result of his impeachment by the House. The entirely predictable lesson he learned is that he can do anything he wants, no matter how damaging to the rule of law, our national security, our health, our economy, our standing in the world and our decency. He knows that Susan Collins, with 23 years of seniority as a United States Senator, will never do anything of substance to hold him accountable for the grievous harms he daily inflicts on us. She has repeatedly knowingly or negligently failed to act to prevent our destruction from within.

If we are to save our nation, we must fire Susan Collins from her job on November 3.

Gail Marshall, Mount Desert

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