Letter to the Editor: Keep campgrounds open 

To the Editor: 

I am writing to remind readers about how beautiful Acadia National Park is this time of year, and during the other three seasons as well. You may wonder why I am engaging in this exercise. After all, everyone living here is already keenly aware of the special character of this island. 

Whenever I visit here in the summer, I am always struck by the flood of young families and the horde of kids that overrun this island. The excitement builds gradually about any upcoming trip to Bar Harbor in all households whether in those planning a first ever visit or in those planning a cherished return visit. 

This year, however, in many households that prefer tents to indoor accommodations, their enthusiasm has been probably quite muted given the decision to keep certain campgrounds closed. We are not talking about just any campgrounds, rather the campsites in question here represent a category unto themselves where an earlymorning stroll leads to some of the most stunning vistas on the coast of North America. 

During two recent visits to Schoodic Point, I practically had the place to myself. Farther to the east, along Maine’s Bold Coast from Cutler to Lubec, I often hiked for miles and never encountered a soul. Here on MDI, finding quiet, solitary sections of trail and carriage road is a lot easier, too.  

I do not want to ignore the exceptional circumstances given the scope of the pandemic, nor do I want to appear harshly critical of the decision making that brought about the closures. 

That said, it is too bad that families who prefer to camp out in Acadia are deprived of the opportunity to do so this year. Again, I realize it was a very tough call for park officials given the overall public health and safety concerns. And yet, I firmly support the concept of keeping campgrounds open no matter how difficult the circumstances might be. It is not just the right solution; it is all about what certain families are missing out on. That’s the bottom line. 


Peter J. Brown 

Cape Cod, Mass. 


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