Letter to the Editor: Just sayin’ 

To the Editor: 

This is a time when freedom ain’t what it used to be and restrictions for the common good and self-preservation are willingly accepted by those with half a brain. I wish the Town Council, in their finite wisdom, would use the kinder half of theirs and make some special accommodations for seniors, over and above remote side-street permit parking. Indeed, anyone who has paid excise tax on their vehicles for years has contributed serious dollars to the town coffers. Perhaps on a specified weekday(s) these residents should be able to park close to where they want to shop without fear of a $30 ticket or having their pockets picked. It’s a small enough concession for those who are physically challenged by even a short walk or concerned about carrying packages. The revenue the town will lose is infinitesimal. This is a time when the merchants need their core patrons more than ever and vice versa. 

David Balkin
Bar Harbor


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