Letter to the Editor: Homeschooler to homeschooler

To the Editor: 

I live in Somesville and have been a homeschooler my whole life. After over a decade of experience, I have learned valuable lessons about homeschooling. Now we are all homeschoolers. So, here’s some advice you might find useful. 

First, write out what you must accomplish every morning, even if all your work is online. As you complete schoolwork, check it off your list. This helps you see the work you have left, and it compelyou to finish. 

Have a set time to do school. Plan to start and finish at a certain time so you don’t end up doing school all day. For all of us not-so-self-motivated people out there, this is a must. You can also try splitting your work up into 20-minute segments with short breaks in between. 

Find a spot of your own. Our houses can be some of the most distracting places, and when you’re trying to work you need to concentrate. This could mean doing school in your room or putting on headphones. 

Lay off on the snacks. This is probably the hardest one for me. When you’re home all day, you will want to eat all day. This is a huge time buster and it will drag out school. If worse comes to worst, lock yourself in your bedroom or go outside. Whatever you do, don’t touch the fridge door handle. 

Silence your phone. Only use your phone for research or as a calculator during your set school time. All the extra minutes spent texting will add up!  

Spice up those long, boring subjects. For example, social studies: Draw a timeline with stick-figure people on it instead of taking notes. You’ve got some creative freedom here; use it to stay awake.  

Add a prize. Give yourself permission to eat chips, play video games or take a nap only after you’ve finished school. You and I both know that finishing a school day gives plenty cause for celebration.  

These tips can help us all survive our homeschooling experience.  


Emma Litchfield 

Mount Desert 


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