Letter to the Editor: Health care is a human right 

To the Editor: 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, a record-breaking 38.6 million workers have been forced to file for unemployment benefits. A great many of these people also lost their employer-based health insurance. That’s in addition to the 27 million Americans who were already uninsured beforehand. 

This is the worst pandemic in a century. In the United States, the richest country in the history of the world, millions of our fellow citizens do not have health insurance. This is an insanity beyond words. 

At the start of April, a 17-year-old in Lancaster, Calif., was suffering from complications due to COVID-19. He went to an urgent care facility, but the clinic denied his treatment due to the fact that he was uninsured. In short time, he was dead. 

This teenager’s tragedy highlights the phenomenal failing of a health care system that is becoming more and more barbaric by the year. We need a single-payer, Medicare for All system that covers everyone. No co-pays, no deductibles, no premiums. 

Everybody in. Nobody out. No exceptions. 

That’s why I’m supporting Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate. Betsy believes health care is a human right. She’s willing to fight for us, not just for the insurance and pharmaceutical executives and their army of D.C. lobbyists. 

Mainers need bold, progressive leadership in the Senate, both during this crisis and after it is behind us. Betsy Sweet is that Senator, and she has my vote this July.   

Jayne Ashworth 


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