Letter to the Editor: He deserved better

To the Editor:

A cousin died yesterday – as a collateral casualty.

This Vermont cousin died awaiting bypass surgery in Texas because he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Siblings do not blame the medical professionals who were following appropriate protocols to protect themselves and the other patients.

He was an Air Force veteran who served in Thailand during the Vietnam War and was exposed to Agent Orange. His subsequent medical problems were dismissed by the Veterans Administration for decades. Immediately prior to his death, he did get some belated compensation to cover some of the costs – never enough and always too late.

His death was not caused directly by that exposure to Agent Orange, nor by COVID-19. It was caused by the politicization of a pandemic that federal and state authorities did not manage to contain. A flattened infection curve would have opened up the surgery schedule weeks earlier and allowed him to have the heart surgery that could have saved his life and prolonged the longing spirit of this man.

Politics has made this man an additional, unnecessary casualty.

Countless families in this country and around the world have been victimized by politicians who have flouted science and pandered to economic hysteria.

Please add him to your tally. He deserved better from the country he served!

David Edson, Tremont

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