Letter to the Editor: Hate is hate 

To the Editor: 

I’m confused by the signs at the end of Seal Cove Road in Southwest Harbor. The owner of the signs wants to “Make America GOOD again” by eliminating the GOP. Does this mean anyone associated with the Republican party is not welcome on their property or in their home? How could this make America good? Maybe the signs mean the people living there would like to outlaw anyone joining the Republican party? Or are they suggesting the total destruction of the party as in something akin to conservative apartheid? Surely, they don’t expect to solve the world’s problems in this way? 

The other signs that are posted in front of many homes declares that “Hate Has No Home Here. I’m sure these residents wish to proclaim their love for the diversity of people of all cultures, creeds and races. Could these same residents be the people consumed with a visceral hatred of our President and his supporters? 

Hate is hate, people. Are we headed for another civil war or can our community support civilized discourse? That’s all I’m saying. 

Evelyn Henry 

Clearwater, Fla. 

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