Letter to the Editor: Golden and health care

To the Editor:

How many of the folks you know — friends, family, neighbors — find getting necessary health care a worrying and all too often impossible task? Basic primary care for adults and children is simply denied those who do not have health insurance and cannot afford the high cost of medical care. Many Mainers I know are self employed or underemployed, and so don’t have employer-provided health coverage and cannot pay for private coverage for themselves and their families.

Jared Golden, the Lewiston Democrat who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District wants to work to improve the current Affordable Care Act, with the goal of providing a universal healthcare system like Medicare-for-All, doing it incrementally in a way that is workable and affordable.

He wants to do what needs to be done to bring affordable care to all people, regardless of pre-existing conditions, economic hardship, or family situation.

Mainers know in their hearts that the health of each one of us, adults and children, is at the very core of the thriving Maine we all wish to live and work in. We cannot work productively or go to school or care for family and neighbors if we aren’t healthy ourselves.

Let’s send Jared Golden to Washington, D.C. to help get this job done right!

Linda Lewis, Bar Harbor

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