Letter to the Editor: For all he’s done 

To the Editor:
To all Bar Harbor residents, 

I want to recognize an important and significant member of our community – Vernon (Sandy) S. McFarland Jr. 

Sandy recently decided not to run for another term as a member of the MDIHS Board of Trustees. His voice and historical perspective for us as a board will be missed. 

I have served with Sandy as both a member of this board and on the Bar Harbor Town Council. He has always put the concerns and challenges of the town of Bar Harbor and the high school in the forefront of his discussions and deliberations. 

He has served as a trustee for over 35 years 

Several years ago, before I was a member of the Town Council, I decided to run for High School Trustee, not because I was opposing Sandy, who was running for re-election, but because as the father of five who would be attending MDIHS, I wanted to be involved in supporting that institution. Well, I lost that election to Sandy by a significant margin.  

He went on to successfully help navigate the high school through its last major renovation, and the results of that investment are still evident today. 

It has been a pleasure to serve with him over the yearshopefully we’ll be able to do it again. 

If you see him around town, take the time to thank him for all that he’s done for our town and this island. 

I wish you well, Sandy! Carry on. 


Rob Jordan 


MDIHS Board of Trustees 

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