Letter to the Editor: False claim

To the Editor:

I was saddened to read the Islander’s claim in its Nov. 1 editorial that the “most recent Bar Harbor [Charter] Commission presented a few relatively modest charter amendments, and they were considered individually by voters.”

This is categorically false. The June 8, 2010 vote was a single vote on eight different substantive charter changes and many more minor changes. The entire revision was submitted for a single vote. Because it was unanimously supported by the Warrant Committee, the Charter Commission, and the Town Council, it passed with 1069 “yes” votes and only 202 “no” votes.

The Islander, on the eve of an important election, could have and should have easily looked this up. It did not.

When a Charter Commission presents only minor modificationsit can submit these minor changes individually under state law. I can recall no charter commission in Maine that has chosen this extremely narrow option. Up or down votes on charter revisions are the rule in Maine.

Arthur Greif

Bar Harbor


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