Letter to the Editor: Healthcare is complicated

To the Editor:

Recently the Maine Republican Party attacked Jared Golden, falsely claiming he wished to turn the United States’ healthcare system into a government run system like Britain’s.

This is incorrect; his positions favor gradual expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to cover increasing groups of our citizens. This will not only provide people with the ability to obtain care from their usual providers, it will keep those hospitals and clinics out of bankruptcy and open to serve you.

Expansion of access and funding for Medicare and Medicaid is the favored future for American healthcare by those who deliver your care; we see patients denying themselves care to keep food on their tables and our institutions struggling to stay open because of the many we care for who cannot pay their bills.

On August 10 while visiting Seaport Village Healthcare, “Poliquin expressed surprise at the low reimbursement rates on Friday as Huhn explained the payment structure,” according to an article in the Ellsworth American.

I would have hoped that after four years in Congress controlling spending for our care he would have been better informed, especially prior to a scheduled visit. It reminds me of President Trump saying in 2017 as he started to attack Affordable Care, “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated.”

Do not trust people who do not care enough to inform themselves to govern. Vote for Jared Golden for Congress.

J.R. Krevans, Jr. M D, Bar Harbor

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